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Welcome to the online home of Thomas Bey William Bailey, psycho-acoustic sound artist and writer on saturation culture. Working with a number of different communications media, TBWB aims to construct a body of work that interrogates notions of utopia, anthropocentrism, and "the extreme," while refusing to reject any unpopular cultural manifestation as invalid until its more nuanced aspects have been brought to light.

An admitted autodidact, TBWB draws upon the work of a diverse body of 20th and 21st century thinkers to aid him in a personal quest for 'serious playfulness': Johan Huizinga, John Gray, Friedrich Kittler, Paul Virilio, Gilles Deleuze, Gregory Bateson, and numerous others all contribute to TBWB's jargon-free, non-specialist writings on creative life.

As a sound enthusiast, he takes his cues from composers such as Iannis Xenakis and the new contingent of computer-aided 'glitch' artists: those with no apparent fear of using the full spectrum of audible sound to produce rapturous or ecstatic moments of deep personal inquiry. As of June 2011, TBWB acted as researcher in residence at The Sound Archive Of Experimental Music And Sound Art in Murcia, Spain.


New projects and works-in-progress


unofficial release cover

info on book "Unofficial Release: Self-Released And Handmade Music In Post-Industrial Society" - a bold new look at DIY music releasing, from Cassette Culture to net-releases, with numerous pre-historical and speculative developments as well

micro bionic cover

info on the book "Micro Bionic: Radical Electronic Music and Sound Art in the 21st Century" - an accessible, yet challenging and stimulating overview of the new century's electro-musical innovations

thank you for your interest

info on the new TBWB commissioned audio project, "Thank You For Your Interest"

Zbigniew Karkowski

Remembering Zbigniew Karkowski


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