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Micro Bionic is an exciting survey of electronic music and sound art from cultural critic and mixed-media artist Thomas Bey William Bailey, composed 2006-2008 and first published in late 2009 in both hardcover and paperback editions. A superior, revised edition is now available as a digital download, as well as in paperback form. This new edition includes all of the original supplements refused by the publishers of the first edition, including a full index, bibliography, additional notes / commentary and an updated discography.

As the title suggests, the unifying theme of the book is that of musicians and sound artists taking bold leaps forward in spite of (or sometimes because of) their financial, technological, and social restrictions. Some symptoms of this condition include the gigantic discography amassed by the one-man project Merzbow, the drama of silence enacted by onkyo and New Berlin Minimalism, the annihilating noise transmitted from the humble laptop computers of Russell Haswell and Peter Rehberg and much more besides. Although the journey begins in the Industrial 1980s, in order to trace how the innovations of that period have gained greater currency in the present, it surveys a wide array of artists breaking ground in the 21st century with radical attitudes and techniques. A healthy amount of global travel and concentrated listening have combined to make this a sophisticated yet accessible document, unafraid to explore both the transgressive extremes of this culture and the more deftly concealed interstices thereof.

Part historical document, part survival manual for the marginalized electronic musician, part sociological investigation, Micro Bionic is a number of different things, and as such will likely generate a variety of reactions. Numerous exclusive interviews with leading lights of the field were also conducted for this book: Peter Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle / Coil), William Bennett (Whitehouse), Peter Rehberg, John Duncan, Francisco López, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Bob Ostertag, Zbigniew Karkowski and many others weigh in with a diversity of thoughts and opinions that underscore the incredible diversity to be found within new electronic music itself.


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praise for Micro Bionic:

"It is continually surprising how detailed it is, knowledgeable I mean [...] with your book, it's a whole curriculum that it inspires."

- David Schafer, author of Separated United Forms

"Wow! Impressive...I've never before seen such a thorough, clear understanding of my work and my perspective. I'm used to childish music reviews and very nerdy statements about CD covers etc...so this is like another level, and one that definitely is largely missing in this environment of so-called experimental music."

- Francisco López


Here for you is over 400 pages of inspiring reading, with more interesting material than the original version, AND with far less 'filler' and far fewer errors. The text is fully searchable, and pre-bookmarked so you can easily jump to the most relevant sections.

Please note that this e-book is available for any price that you feel is appropriate. This does mean that you can choose to pay nothing. Or that you can pay a substantial sum of money as well. While I would ideally like to make this book free with no additional disclaimers, I can still very much use your help.

I realize, of course, that many of you also live in a situation of grinding poverty. And that's why I choose to make this book free to those who have no means of paying. However, if you can pay even a few dollars for this text (which did involve a very considerable amount of work on my behalf), please do so by clicking on the "donate" button below.

"Every little bit helps," for sure- not only to keep me going, but to provide you with information that is ignored or under-represented by much of the communications media of our time.


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DO NOT BUY copies with this cover


Although this book is still available for purchase from Amazon.com and other booksellers, I strongly advise you not to buy any copies of the book pictured on the left.

The book's publisher, Creation, is in breach of contract with me, owing to non-payment of royalties earned from past book sales, and other forms of deceptive behavior. They continue to sell and distribute my book without my permission, and to profit illegally from my work. Several authors have recently alleged the same of Creation. Given that the newer edition of this book is a dramatic improvement in terms of content and presentation, there is no good reason to acquire a copy of the cheaply designed 2009 edition.

In the meantime, please be warned: there is a high possibility that other authors on Creation Books (or their offshoot imprints, such as Glitter Books and Solar Books) will not benefit from your purchasing of their material.

- Thomas B.W. Bailey, November 2012




book excerpts

These are now available in .html form, due to popular demand. Contents differ from the original 2009 publication.

Table of contents - new T.O.C. for 2012 edition!(.pdf)

'Silence is Sexy: The Other Extreme Music' (.html) or read the full chapter here (.pdf)!

'Vox Stimuli: John Duncan's Unrestrained Explorations' (.html)

'Beyond The Valley Of The Falsch- Mego And Friends Re-Invigorate Computer Music' (.html) or read the full chapter here! (.pdf)


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