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August 2016

tbwb live in Austin

What a difference a few months makes…at the time of my last update I was diving into an uncertain new life in Austin Texas, assured only of the fact that a lot of things would be changing. I’m happy to say that they have mostly changed for the better: I already have a couple successful live performances behind me, more of these to come, and at least an hour’s worth of newly recorded audio material that is now looking to be mastered (and to find a proper label home afterwards). One of my first priorities here is to flesh out my concept albums on hypnagogic experience and negative autoscopy (the latter may be released in the same format as the similarly named Progressive Lycanthropy tape, i.e. a cassette or vinyl album with accompanying info book).

With the blessing of hard working local concert organizer Melissa Seely, I’ve also been given free rein to have an irregular DJ residency at Me Mer Mo, an intriguing Monday-night showcase of sonic eclecticism at Austin’s Volstead Lounge (I am thinking I will be here every 2-3 weeks or so; feel free to contact me for a more concrete schedule of appearances). I’m relishing this opportunity to introduce unsuspecting ears to sound and tonal music from all cultural and perceptual extremes. Compared with the smoothly beat-mixed, genre-specific nights associated with more “professional” club DJs, I set these sets up to reward those who like looking for the hidden consistencies between supposedly irreconcilable types of sound. While I generously spin work from my friends and influences in the ‘sound arts’ realm, I have also enjoyed sharing everything from the icy folk of Yanka Dyagileva to the mesmerizing naivete of the Langley Schools Music Project to lectures on neurology and the malleability of consciousness.

So, by all means, please join me some upcoming Monday for an intimate sonic journey (and, of course, stay for the actual performances - which often range from curiosity-provoking to outright excellent).

As I’ve mentioned numerous times over the past year or so, my new book To Hear The World With New Eyes is, in fact, ready to be launched on the world. My copies have returned from the Spanish printers in August, but the bad news is that they are still shipping to the U.S. As such, I can make no guarantees that a planned signing / live talk / launch at Austin’s Farewell Books will take place as planned on September 9. At the moment it looks like a possible live talk without books on hand, or a postponement to allow for people to actually get some of the first copies available for sale in the U.S.

For everyone who is interested in attending the above event, please get in touch with me and I promise I’ll keep you informed as to the final date, time, place and activities planned for the evening.


February 2016


+ new shop page, new commissioned audio works


Within the next couple weeks, I plan to gradually phase out the shop page on this site and let a more streamlined Big Cartel page be the source for my products / merchandise (as of now, there isn't a full selection of items on there yet, but this should change within the upcoming weeks). The shop will serve as the primary marketplace for, among other things, my commissioned audio project, and should make the ordering process for those items less confusing / daunting (be sure to check out the "thank you for your interest" gallery page, by the way, for at least one new completed work).


December 2015



+ new day rising: back in business: shop additions, new film projects, and more


As you can see, there hasn't been much activity on this updates page for a while, though this situation will be rectified now that I *finally* have a reliable, reasonably modern computer on which to do site updates (for those who have been coming here and checking up at any time since the previous January update, don't forget that the TBWB Works journal is also a reliable official source for news on my activities.)

To turn over a new leaf for the new year, I'll start by providing some news that relates to this site specifically. On the shop page, you'll notice that I'm now offering some personal copies of the tremendous debut album by Daniele Antezza's Inner8, a project for which I've acted as a kind of spokesman / ambassador (the inner panel of the CD version features detailed liner notes from yours truly). Here's your chance for U.S. residents to pick up this quality release at a non-import price.

Unfortunately, another item featured in the shop - the staggering audio DVD tribute to Zbiginew Karkowski - is now out of stock (this is even after I realized I still had one more copy that I didn't previously think I had).

Speaking of Zbigniew - I had originally planned to start the new year by plunging into the world of documentary film, using ZK as a subject. Drawing on both my audiovisual archives and those of several friends, I planned to make a comprehensive portrait of Zbig's life that would go far beyond the expected standards of the "music doc" format. However, it's my understanding now that the Sub Rosa organization already has a similar film in the making. I'm not so naive as to think that I can make a film that will compete with theirs in terms of overall quality. I find the other DVD releases from that label to be top notch, and don't want to take my chances, as a first-time filmmaker, with making a companion piece to what will most likely be a definitive work.

However - having said that, I have already received enough film and audio footage to consider a more ambitious film project, which will deal with the psycho-acoustic music experience, and which will consolidate (or even expand upon) a lot of the ideas contained in my written work. Anyone wishing to participate in that project and to have some preliminary discussions about where it is headed is free to contact me.

There are too many other interesting items in the pipeline for me to discuss now, for fear that I will be announcing things that don't materialize. I can confirm, though, that there should be some new Spanish and Turkish translations of some of my written 'greatest hits' early in the new year, along with a real, physical manifestation of my synesthesia book that has been the perennial topic of discussion on all my newsletter and journal updates.

In short, the new year looks like one full of new opportunities and challenging distractions. For everyone else who is engaging in but very small-scale enterprises like my own, don't be discouraged by the latter: "chaos is the blazing light of the sage".


January 2015

+ new collaborative performance with Norman Long


While I regret that I couldn't make a timely invitation to the event, I should at least add a post-script to my first live performance of 2015. Together with long-term collaborator Norman Long in Chicago, I performed real-time electronics manipulation via a Skype link to the BOLT Gallery where Norm is currently artist in residence. The combination of Norm's location recordings and my modular synthesis made for, IMHO, an engaging journey into the world of notional or imaginary landscapes. I am happily surprised at reports of how seamless the live session seemed despite all the potential for connections to go bad or for there to be some awkwardness resulting from latency and inability to immediately change course. This is a format that I think I will be experimenting with more in the future, as it provides me the opportunity to test how well my ideas hold up in a "no safety net" environment (one of the main attractions to live performance for me, aside from the ability to enjoy playback at intense levels of sound pressure.) And, of course, it does offer an alternative to gigs requiring trans-oceanic travel.


I do, of course, recommend further investigation of Norm's solo works (the link above will help in getting that investigation started.) Regardless of how thorough the major arts papers / magazines may portray their coverage as being, there are still many, many insightful multi-disciplinary artists out there worthy of being placed in the "first division" of public recognition (paradoxically, the most interesting creators are often those who don't court public recognition in the first place.) Anyway, I do feel Norm's work to be as compelling as that of any sonically-minded artists out there, and invite you to give it a look and listen.


+ new writing up at Hyperallergic and Perfect Sound Forever


As I continue working on new options for the release of my 'synesthesia' book, I am attempting to get into a more regular rhythm of writing / publishing shorter pieces.

A couple recent successes in this area include my lengthy interview with Beijing composer/multi-media artist Yan Jun, and a consideration of the "Generator" exhibit conducted by Marina Abramovic at the Sean Kelly gallery in NYC. The former marks my return to the Perfect Sound Forever site after a very long layoff, and the latter column in my debut for Hyperallergic, an interesting and provocative arts magazine also based in New York.



December 2014


+ "Unofficial Release" chapters now translated into Greek


With a little help from Nicolas Malevitsis of the venerable Absurd organization, and a fellow going only by the name of Happy Rotter, a couple chapters from my book Unofficial Release (i.e. the chapters dedicated to long-form interviews with Vittore Baroni and GX Jupitter-Larsen) have been translated into the Greek language. I've posted these in .pdf form on this site's texts page. These will be re-posted elsewhere as part of Nicolas' personal projects, but he's kindly allowed me to host them on this site as well.


October 2014

monoskop logo

+ "Micro Bionic" available from Monoskop and Google Books

I am happy to announce that the digital version of my book "Micro Bionic" is being hosted by the terrific arts wiki Monoskop, from where you can not only download a copy of that book, but can also find a treasure trove of documentation on the East European and Russian avant-gardes. It is a kind of speciality of the site, and a subject that I don't think should be overlooked by any student of those areas that I myself am a student of (e.g. the use of "noise" as a communicative tool, art that exists outside of an "art market," synesthetic creativity etc. etc.) I have only realized, a year after its being uploaded, that the M.B. book exists there, but I want to belatedly raise my glass to the editors at Monoskop for considering it, since I feel their work is highly valuable.

My thoughts on Google as an organization are decidedly more lukewarm, but all the same, I've also uploaded Micro Bionic to Google Books for any individuals who frequent that site when looking for reading material. As of now the e-book should be "live" through them.


+ "To Hear The World With New Eyes" publication postponed

Due to elements beyond my control, the publication of my book "To Hear the World with New Eyes" has been postponed until...well...until I find a new publisher. Its previous champion has dropped the project outright due to unforeseen financial difficulties.

While I am no longer surprised at how merciless the publishing business can be, this is a disappointment all the same. I will provide more details about the fate of this project as soon as I get them, and despite the many downsides to this situation, there is one small upside: I am no longer required to restrain myself from publishing excerpts of the book online. My now ex-publisher wanted for most aspects of this production, including my affiliation with them, to remain secret, and I am no longer obliged to withhold from sharing portions of the book with curious audiences. My affiliation, by the way, will continue to remain secret - although I am extremely upset at the fact that a whole year passed before this conclusion was arrived at, I don't feel anything will be gained by my trying to publicly shame them for this. I believe my unnameable ex-publisher when he said that he "did his best" to bring this thing to fruition, and feel he is being honest when claiming that the "dropping" of my project is not a matter of suddenly becoming disenchanted with it, but rather a matter of being in legitimate and unanticipated financial trouble. Fair enough.

At any rate, you will see full book chapters posted on both my "Typepad" journal and on these pages within the coming weeks.

If, upon reading them, you might know of an interested party that might be willing to take on this project, or you are a publisher yourself, please don't hesitate to contact me - core (at) tbwb (dot) net.


August 2014

+ TBWB / Susana López filmworks / residency at EMS Stockholm

image event ocean

With more than a little help from my friend Susana López, one of my long-term goals is becoming a reality: specifically, moving deeper into video and film production (an arena I haven't set foot in since around 2007.) Using the occasion of a 'drone film festival' curated by Kim Cascone as a jumping off point, Susana and I have collaborated on a 20-minute piece of intense hypnagogic imagery and enforced ambiguity, "Study for Image-Event Ocean." Stemming from my faith in the self-revealing power of constant audio tones, and from Susana's love for Stanislav Lem's Solaris, this first collaboration between us is both a simulation and a potential catalyst of unexpected internal narratives. As we've described it on the official festival entry form:

"From a combination of personal experience and others' testimonials, we've come to realize that the complexity of the mind is paradoxically most evident when one tries to silence it. Rigorously focusing on a single sensory point of reference only seems to make the imagination expand beyond the boundaries it is already accustomed to. The compensatory mechanisms of our remaining senses spring into action when one of them is closed off or limited - as such, the phenomenon of a constant, unyielding audible tone can fertilize mental imagery and awaken otherwise dormant sensory modalities. We have hoped to achieve, with this film, a simulation of this process for those who are not familiar with it, and a reminder of this potential for those who are. We intend to contrast a central audio "focus point" with a shifting, radiant, and perhaps incomprehensible sea of image-events to demonstrate how complementary, rather than contradictory, these different forms of sensory impression are."

The (temporary) bad news is that entries to the festival are not to be screened publicly until finalists are decided upon this coming December. Which means it will be at least that long before this is made available online and in other physical venues. However, as noted above, talks are already in progress for a number of other López / Bailey video artworks, which will be solid visual manifestations of all our combined interests throughout our respective careers. Also - in the coming days, I will be uploading the full 20-minute soundtrack, in uncompressed audio, to the TBWB website for your enjoyment. Please keep an eye on the audio / "media" pages there as I will try to update it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I am making somewhat panicked preparations - e.g. re-learning a language, trying to refresh my technological "skills" - in order to prepare for my upcoming September residency in Stockholm's EMS studios. I will be primarily recording with the studio's Buchla 200 series modular synthesizer, in the hopes of building up a considerable bank of sounds for future audio releases. This is shaping up to be a great time, not only for the potential to make use of such incredible sonic weaponry, but for the opportunity to meet my old friends and to step on Swedish soil for the first time since 2003 - a time at which the warm reception given to me was completely above and beyond what I expected as an unknown / unpopular artist.


June 2014

+ Zbigniew Karkowski tribute compilation released / Belsona Academy re-opens


The incredible "No Bullshit: A Sonic Tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski" DVD is now available to be purchased through me. Please visit the product page for more details.


And now for some information on another ongoing project, as duplicated on my web journal:

After some deliberation, I have decided to make plans for a new season of my podcast / radio show "The Belsona Academy."

Simply subtitled and pitched as an "electronic sound digital digest," this show was a highlight of an otherwise stressful time period. It was an extremely therapeutic exercise that allowed me to keep facilitating the culture I support even with very little money or 'social energy' to draw from. To that end, it introduced audiences to exclusive debut listens of works from noted artists like EVOL, Lee Gamble, Francisco López, Human Greed and Ken Montgomery, while also showcasing high-quality entries from new artists deserving enough to be "on the same page" with more well-known creators.  After a brief run as a podcast hosted on my personal site, it was later featured in the schedule of London's Resonance 104.4 FM, owing to the generous invitation from Oliver Fay and Richard Thomas.

In both incarnations, the show aimed at exhibiting a sonic counter-culture that moved beyond techno-philia and techno-phobia to show the true potential of 21st century sound design tools, and the moments when an exceptional spirit of self-inquiry makes us forget about these tools altogether.

Mounting outside commitments - "day job," book authoring etc. - kept this show from blossoming into a full-time commitment, yet I feel the time is ripe for making some more episodes. Over the past few years I've received enough requests for that to happen, that it feels counter-productive to put this off any longer. As before, the Belsona Academy will be guided by a few simple principles:

  • Music / compositions used for the show will be of a primarily 'electronic' nature, with a special emphasis on works that challenge preconceptions of what 'electronic' composition must be, and which challenge preconceptions of how and why technology is used in the creative process.
  • "Non-musical" entries (interviews, readings etc.) will be from artists who have, at some point, worked in an innovative or challenging way with electronic music or electronic multi-media art.
  • When it comes to choosing material for each show, artists' reputation or fame will take an immediate backseat to the quality of the work submitted.
  • Submissions received should, ideally, be under half an hour in length, and sent in an uncompressed audio format.
  • Submissions received are being made publicly available for the first time on this show, and have not been previously released or broadcast.

However, one major change will take place in order to guarantee a higher level of quality to the show. Namely, shows will no longer be uploaded on a "regular" (i.e. weekly) basis. This will take pressure off of me to broadcast a steady stream of material - and this in turn will allow contributors to work a little more freely (though I may still suggest deadlines to individual contributors), and will keep me from releasing any "stop-gap" episodes of previously recorded material. That was the case near the end of the last Belsona Academy run, and I do regret it.

I will also encourage contributors to work with a definite "physical product" in mind, though this might not be as ambitious as the "Belsona Archive" vinyl LP series that was originally planned to appear. My goal is to eventually archive both the original B.A. run, and at least one new "season's" worth (roughly 10 episodes), onto a multi-media disc that will contain extras like related correspondence, original artworks, any schematics or scores, etc. I may reach out to receive some crowd-funding for this project while the new season of the Belsona Academy is in progress, to guarantee that we 'hit the ground running' after that season is over and can immediately make such a lavish package available.

Anyone who wishes to get in touch with me can do so via core (at) tbwb (dot) net. I look forward to hearing from new and old friends alike.



March 2014

+ "To Hear The World With New Eyes" finished at last! / Returning to other projects...

emyceneae alpha

Graphic score for Iannis Xenakis's "Mycenae Alpha"













After several years' worth of research and a solid year of construction, my new book on the cultural history of synesthetic arts ("To Hear The World With New Eyes") is finished.

Although it won't appear on the surface like one of the most carefully considered things I've ever done - it is, after all, a slightly shorter book than either MicroBionic or Unofficial Release - I think it is one of my best overall showings in terms of quality, and in terms of general meaningful communication. Underneath the admittedly strange / esoteric subject matter is, I feel, a universally understandable story about the nature of creative ambition.

I'm in discussions now with the publisher (to be announced later) about the possibility of posting book excerpts. If I get the "green light" to do so, they will appear both on this site and on my Typepad archives.

With the book's first draft out of the way, I'm free to reconsider some old projects that never had a chance to gain full traction. One of these would be the "visualizations of sound" t-shirt project I began in 2011, and which quitely disappeared. I also have plans to solicit new contributions for the Belsona Academy podcast, a show that - to my pleasant surprise - I am now realizing that many people truly loved (according to the "listener map" provided by the podcast hosts, there was even a listener from the Imperial Palace in Japan...serious.)

The last item may not appear immediately, since it will be my intention this time to secure a good deal of exclusive show material before uploading an episode...one mistake during the last run was to not give myself enough time to truly collect enough contributions from outside artists, leading to some water-treading in which I played music from my own collection and veered off course from the show's original mission. The same mistake won't be made this time, and there will also be a slight change in format in which artists themselves may take over the role of "MC" / announcer.

More details on all this, of course, as I get them.


February 2014


+ new addition to "Thank You For Your Interest" gallery!

rachbox thumb

I have recently completed another commissioned audio work and shipped it out to Rachael Arrighi, the commissioning individual. Information on both the audio and visual design is available here.

I look forward to receiving more inquiries about these works, as I highly enjoy doing them and - as was the original intent - am discovering new facets of my own creative life while providing others with a bit of creative stimulation in the process.

In the same vein as the commissioned artworks, I'm also working on a single-copy edition of the "Building a New Past Sampler" that appears on the audio page of this site. It will include numerous high-quality photo inserts and will also be an introduction to my use of hollowpoint bullets as a 'design' tool.


+ Zbigniew Karkowski tributes, in audio and text

zbigniew live

Those who have been visiting the TBWB Typepad page since December already know of the loss of my valued friend and influence, Zbigniew Karkowski.

Although I did pen a brief eulogy there, I am much happier with the lengthy career-retrospective essay I wrote while Zbigniew was still alive. Followers of my news pages over the past couple of years will know that I planned to publish this in a DVD / book package edited by Zbigniew, although this still hasn't come to fruition, and - though there are claims that it will happen sometime in June of this year - I no longer want to withhold this information at a time when people are curious to know more about Zbigniew's life legacy.

Therefore, I've posted it on Zbigniew's artist page at the Spanish SONM site, where there will be an ever-growing archive of his works, writings, and past activities.

I've also contributed a new track for the massive "No Bullshit" tribute compilation that will feature works by friends of Zbigniew's, composed solely from his own back catalog of sound materials. This is entitled "KokoroZashi" and I feel is one of the best, most effective things I have recorded in recent memory.


December 2013

+ new TBWB interview up at Wesleyan University 'New Books in Music' site!

At the above link, there is a lengthy interview between Christopher Riggs and myself, discussing the motivations for writing my book Unofficial Release. It's my first radio-style interview in some time, so please forgive my onslaught of "umm"s and seemingly stoned silences.

The parent site is, of course, recommended for new insights on sonic phenomena of all kinds, and the associated publishing imprint remains one of the most consistent for the release of either unexpected or long overdue discussions on music culture. So I'm honored to briefly be a part of all this, and I hope you enjoy the interview.


October 2013

+ TBWB Works journal up and running!

Yes, at last, some news that doesn't relate to a prematurely terminated musical project. I would have included this here a couple of months ago, but I have been exceedingly busy at so-called "real jobs" and this has put a damper on most "non-essential" creative work (meaning, work outside of my book on the cultural history of synesthesia - To Hear The World With New Eyes.)

I am working on making this Typepad site not only a duplicate source for much of the writing that appears on this site, but as an exclusive venue at which my unpublished material (and there is a LOT of this!) will have a home. In addition to my writings on arts / culture, I've logged a significant amount of writing over the past couple years on various manifestations of political violence, urban planning, and other subjects beyond the increasingly limited scope of "music writing."

Please visit there when you can and leave constructive comments and criticism, as I check the site regularly and will be happy to respond.


July 2013

+ R.I.P. Eigenlicht, 2013-2013...

rip eigenlicht

...is dead


Regular followers of this news section will know that, over the past three months, I have been devoting a good deal of time to a sort of techno-flavored project, "Eigenlicht." I am now of the opinion that the work released under this name constitutes too much of a 'rush' job, is too much of a concession to current ephemeral tastes, and does not represent me operating anywhere near my full potential. I've terminated the Bandcamp and Soundcloud accounts related to this entity, and will continue to make music in a 'dance' mode only for personal amusement. If you had an interest in this project yet, for whatever reason, were unable to hear any of the recordings, please contact me and I will give you instructions on where to download the existing Eigenlicht tracks.


May 2013


+ New 'Commissioned Audio Series' gallery / archive page!

As I complete new installments in my "Thank You For Your Interest" commissioned audio series, I will be adding pictures and audio samples of finished work to the linkable page above. As time goes on, I hope for this to become gradually more elaborate, featuring samples of correspondence leading up to finished works, rough sketches and more. You can now see / hear / read about the first finished entry as of now...more will be on the way soon.


April 2013


+ New free sampler album uploaded!

As promised in one of the updates below, many of the audio tracks previously available on this site's media page, along with some new rarities and un-releases, have become the latest TBWB items to get remastering treatment. These have been made available in a full MP3 album (FLAC album on its way as well) complete with liner notes.


+ New Greek-language Unofficial Release review

Courtesy of Nicolas Malevitsis (of the storied Absurd record label in Attiki), here is a new review of my 'Unofficial Release' book. Yes, it is only in Greek, but have a little fun with an online translator if you're curious :)


+ more on TBWB remasters (sound samples section to be rebuilt soon)

Regular visitors to this site's media page probably notice that all of the free tracks (except the album listed below here) have disappeared. Don't worry, these are coming back very soon, and will be supplemented by some interesting material that I forgot I ever recorded! This time around, I plan on offering the tracks as both MP3 and FLAC, available on their own or in a zipped album. I will also include some detailed notes about the origin of each piece (another necessary exercise for me, before I forget that too...) This should all be available in early May.


+ TBWB remasters + new free album!

vmnf cover

I have begun work on a mega-retrospective of all my audio work from the year 2000 until the year 2010, provisionally entitled "Building A New Past." While I still stand by most of the ideas I came up with for past audio works, I concede that the mastering on these works has not been up to the high standard normally held by listeners of this kind of material. I have a free album-length "taster" of this material available now on this site's sound sample section: this is a mostly forgotten piece I released during my Tokyo residence in 2005, entitled Versetht Mich Nicht Falsch. It's available in either FLAC or MP3 format for your convenience.The bad news is that my free audio sample section is temporarily down, as I work on making brighter and better remasters of each individual track from my archives.They will be placed back online in the order that I finish them.

+ Some casualties of over-commitment...

The latest projects of mine to be put off indefinitely are the Ne Plus Ultra book mentioned here earlier, and my personal Mixcloud page. My three eyes are now focused each on one major project: The commissioned audio works (the first of these will be finished in early May), the remastering project, and my synesthesia book.

+ Game on...

By the way, have you read my piece on the "danmaku" gaming phenomenon yet? I never formally announced it here, but it is up at the Rhizome web site now, and is really one of my better works on what I have been calling "saturation culture."


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February 2013


+ new TBWB commissioned audio project

I've begun a new audio project, "Thank You For Your Interest," an undertaking that you will have a chance to shape yourself. With this project, individuals can request a one-of-a-kind audio piece and hand-designed package from me. Please check the linked page for more details.

Also, please note that this will not be the only way that I release music from this point on - however, I may limit self-released audio products to the anthology / retrospective audio DVD that I've long been talking about releasing.

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December 2012

+ The 2nd edition of Micro Bionic is here!

You may now download the full Micro Bionic book in e-book form from the above link, or, if you wait until December 20, purchase the paperback from Amazon and other fine retailers (please wait for further details on availability.)

You will notice that the digital version of the book is available for free, if you so choose. However, I highly encourage donations of any dollar amount.

In the week or so since I last made the announcement about the new book, the support from friends and complete strangers has been truly inspiring. I am now trying to think of a way that I can thank you all for your help with some kind of hand-crafted, tangible keepsake, but this will take a little more time still. I am still fighting to make it through the holiday season here, so if you are able to provide a generous donation in exchange for the new e-book, please do so where noted on the home page of this site.

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November 2012

micro bionic cover mockup






+ Revenge of Micro Bionic- Another lenghty period with no updates can only mean one thing: some new product surfacing at last. Well, maybe not 'new,' but certainly improved. The 2nd edition of my 'Micro Bionic' is in the final stages of re-editing and re-assembling. This update will include a new preface, new concluding chapter, as well as extensive notes, index, and bibliography not included by the less-than-competent original publisher. Click the link above for more information!





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July 2012

+ signed copies of Unofficial Release are now available to order directly from this site. Act quickly, supplies are highly limited.


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June 2012


+ TBWB is now on "Mixcloud!" Summertime is here, which means time for diversion and dancing (for some of us, at least.) You can follow the above link for a new series of unorthodox DJ mixes from me, featuring simple, propulsive electronic dance tracks blended with all kinds of unexpected ephemera from my archives.

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March 2012



+ My latest essay on 'synesthesia culture' from the 19th century to the present, is now online at the new Lithuanian culture site Radikaliai. The full article is here (note- it is quite lengthy, clocking in at over 8,000 words.) Nonetheless, it's another step towards what should be a comprehensive, intriguing book on this still under-valued phenomenon.


+ If you missed it the first time around, here is one last chance to obtain a copy of the Fenris Wolf 4 journal that contains my work. Oh, and this one is a hardcover book limited to 100 copies, signed by myself, the cover artist and series editor. Navigate to the shop page for full ordering details.

unofficial release cover



+ The Unofficial Release book on self-released and handmade audio is only weeks away from publication! I have decided to (appropriately, given the subject matter) release this on my own imprint, both for reasons of time-sensitivity and to avoid any external interference with the book's contents. I will have information on ordering and availability posted here very soon. I'm very excited for this to appear; it is a full 400 6 x 9" pages of new material, of a notably higher quality than that of my first book.

+ I've received an invite to work on the German-language book also featuring (tentatively) Frans de Waard, Brandon Labelle, Udo Noll and others, with a theme of urban sound spaces. More information will, of course, appear here as this project develops.







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December 2011

+ Lots more writing on this side, not so much music until the new year. Many of my archival writings have been overhauled and given new life at the eclectic Grounded Magnet web magazine (good news for those of you who hate .pdf files!) For the moment, I'm also editing the contributions of some friends and colleagues. Some of these writings will be translated into Swedish for the Tidningen Kulturen magazine as well.

A new essay has been submitted to the 'Dutch Journal of Sonic Studies,' entitled "A Deep And Tenebrous Unity: The synesthetic impulse from the 19th century to the present." Another foray into my pet subject, this takes things from more of a historical perspective than my previous efforts.

Two more books, in addition to the forthcoming Unofficial Release (under consideration now by a fairly major publisher) are under construction: a full-length volume on synesthesia and another provisionally titled "A Report On The Post-Extreme Condition."

I have been considering branching out into film projects for some time now, and the possibility of doing an unorthodox documentary about synesthetes and synesthesia-influenced artwork is something I would love to do. If you're a filmmaker with a similar interest, please feel free to contact me.

Finally- I am going to be participating in a considerable effort to raise awareness about my former publisher, Creation Books, aka James Williamson, aka 'Candice Black,' 'Jack Hunter,' and 'John Bundrick.' I've been in contact with other individuals who allege that he has committed numerous criminal acts- breach of contract (i.e. non-payment of royalties), mail fraud, and wire fraud. His conduct with regards to me and my work is, from what I gather, not an isolated incident. More details will be disclosed when I'm at liberty to do so.

This is also good news for those who have wanted to read the 'Micro Bionic' book, but have not been able to find a copy owing to the negligence of Williamson's organization. I will be re-editing and uploading a digital version of the book on this site, offering it FREE of charge. It will feature many significant improvements upon the original text, including the full index that the publisher refused to include in the initial print run.


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September 2011

puertas fest

+ I confess, laziness has officially gotten the better of me this past month. Perhaps it's the lingering hangover from a wildly successful residency at SONM in Murcia, and a mini-tour of live music that accompanied it. My first attempt at reversing this laziness trend is, as you can see, the cosmetic overhaul of this website.

Documentation of the latter will follow, when I can locate audio or video of a sufficient enough quality for sharing. My swan song concert in Madrid was recorded at the sound board; and may even be a possibility for another TBWB audio release once I'm sent the results. A few more concerts were notable for their unique atmosphere- an outdoor show sponsored by the 'Puertas de Castilla' cultural center was audible from several blocks away and prompted the usual panicked complaints to the police about some sort of insurrectionary action happening in the city.

Meanwhile, the SONM website (see link above) now features my extensive essay on synesthesia and its relation to experimental music. While there is some 'crossover' between that essay and the one included in the Micro Bionic book, I feel that this is much more detailed and capable of starting a fresh round of informed discussion on this subject.

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