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Here is an archive of pieces, both published and unpublished, that reflect upon my particular set of interests and obsessions. Navigate to the section of your choice, or merely scroll down if you want to take the "scenic" view:

"TBWB Works" online archive - don't see what you're looking for here? It may be posted at my Typepad pages.

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"What in the World is Globa Ghettotech?"> Radical Riddims or Neo-Exotica?

"A History of Nothing"> on Marina Abramovic's "Generator" exhibit (and its similarities to past events)

No More "The Other Shore"> interview with Chinese multi-media artistYan Jun on a multitude of subjects

"To Re-educate The Ear"> full introduction to Mindaugas Peleckis' new book on sound art and experimental music, online at the Radikaliai journal or available for download here (.pdf)

"The Danmaku Game as a New Optical Art"> unveiling the common sensory impressions between Optical art, structural film, and video game overload (part one of two)

review of Swans' 2012 U.S. tour on its stop in Austin, Texas

"A Deep And Tenebrous Unity: Surveying The Synesthetic Impulse, From The 19th Century To The Present"

"Welcome To 2084: The Age Of Overload Aesthetics"

"Our Presence Together In Chaos": John Cage vs. Glenn Branca, revisited> article written for the centenary year of John Cage, hosted at SONM website, Spain (.pdf)

"State Of The Union"> paper written for SONM (Murcia, Spain) on synesthesia in the arts

"I Wasn't There: The Joys Of Immaterial Art"> a brief history of the 'art of the invisible'

TBWB columns archived at Vague Terrain, Canada> various examinations of art, war, technology

"Something In The Air: Post-Industrial Ambience + The Control Society"> hosted at Rhizome.org

"Mister Modularity: Vittore Baroni And The 'Network As Artwork'"> also hosted at Rhizome.org

"Low Key-Sounds In The Low Countries"> Dutch cassette culture and homemade music

"Loving Indolence, Hating Peace"> The Strange State of 21st Century Black Metal

"Other Convergences"> older piece on synesthesia in electronic music

"Singing Doctors and Friendly Time Bombs"> appreciation of Japanese record stores

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Columns originally written for His Voice and A2, Czech Republic*

selected entries from 2006-present.

"Kalimba Soundclash"> ancient to the future? New musical innovations from Lukas Ligeti, Konono No. 1, etc.

"Futurism As Entartete Kunst"> the sound too intense even for dictators?

"Requiem For A Parasite"> the U.S. recession and the music industry

"How Gray Was My Mauer"> Berlin aesthetics, 20 years after the fall of the Wall

"Feed My Ego"> column on psychotherapy in popular music culture

"Bellona Calling"> essay on the sonic aspects of Samuel DeLany's Dhalgren

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"Más allá del valle del Falsch (Mego y amigos...)"> apareció en la revista "Oro Molido", Agosto 2010

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Czech-language translations Czech

"Komu vlastně patři hluk?"> Hluk coby tvůrčí činnost versus vojensko-vědecký komplex (.html)

"Nakrm mé ego"> Péče o psýchu rock'n'rollových rebelů (.html)

"Rekviem za parasita"> Stav hudebního průmyslu v USA (.html)

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Swedish-language translations Swedish

"Hur Grå var min Mur"> nostalgi för en berlinsk estetik

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Greek-language translations greece

Σερφάροντας Στα Πολυκύματα: GX Jupitter-Larsen (.pdf)

συνομιλώντας με τον Vittore Baroni (.pdf)


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by Don Campau at "The Living Archive"> NEW!

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