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Here you can find a number of different audio and video samples of Thomas Bailey's work. Pick your poison below, or merely scroll down to the appropriate section. For those so inclined, there is also an official TBWB Soundcloud page which will occasionally feature tracks not uploaded to this section.


full albums and audio samples

"Belsona Academy" podcast

audio interviews




The files below are sound pieces which were composed for radio shows, one-off exhibits and concerts, or are re-releases or portions of longer works by Thomas Bey William Bailey / The Domestic Front (r.i.p.). Right-click (Windows) or command-click (Mac) to save these files. Enjoy! NOTE: mp3 samples from official CD releases are also available, see descriptions for individual albums on the shop page.

full albums

VMNF cover


An ambitious new re-releasing project, entitled Building A New Past, is now under way. This will gather together and archive (in a format yet to be determined) all salvagable work by Thomas Bey William Bailey from the period of 2000-2010 (not including the items otherwise listed individually on this website.) This set will include previously unheard live recordings and significant re-masters of work that was previously not up to a commercial releasing standard.

Various excerpts from this massive set will be uploaded to this site as a preview of this work in progress. The first of these, Versteht Mich Nicht Falsch, is a 2005 Tokyo recording previously available as a net-release. It is available here in a newly remastered format, in your choice of high quality MP3 or FLAC audio (liner notes and cover artwork are included with each download.


Download Versteht Mich Nicht Falsch as an MP3 album

Download Versteht Mich Nicht Falsch as a FLAC album


VMNF cover


Thomas Bey William Bailey - Sampler

An eight-track, nearly 50-minute excursion into TBWB's chimerical world of electronic music. This is a taster for the "New Past..." archive to come, featuring re-mastered or sonically polished versions of "career" highlights from 2000-2010. An even balance of outtakes, rarities, and personal highlights comprise this first sampler volume, availble in 320kpbs MP3 and FLAC (coming soon.) A bewildering melange of moods and sonic approaches for your enjoyment. Includes .pdf liner notes and .jpg cover for iTunes or similar music players.

Download Sampler as an MP3 album


Did you like what you heard (and want to help finance the appearance of the full Building A New Past archive?) Please donate to us here:


radio shows / full performances

Thomas Bey William Bailey live on 'Clear Spot,' Resonance FM, London (12 Jan. 2010)> discussing 'Micro Bionic' aesthetics and other musical extremes


isolated tracks

This section has been temporarily removed, as each of the sample tracks in question is currently being remastered - you will notice, though, that many of these tracks have already returned and are available in the Sampler album available in the full albums section above.

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"Belsona Academy" podcast

belsona academy

From mid-2009 until the present, Thomas Bey William Bailey hosted "The Belsona Academy," an eclectic podcast that was briefly taken up, with the help of Oliver Fay and Richard Thomas, as part of the programming schedule on London's Resonance FM. A lack of new, exclusive material for the show has currently put it on hiatus, although the theme remained the same throughout each episode: electronic music and electronic sound art that defied genre conventions and suggested new, often unpredictable, relationships between technology and its creators. Most shows thus far have featured work that is completely exclusive to the Academy, or otherwise quite difficult to obtain.

Below are downloadable MP3s of the 'best of' the Belsona Academy thus far. Note that iTunes still carries some episodes, as does the Podomatic page for the podcast, but both these sources have ejected the earlier ones due to space limitations.


Episode 2> Barcelona bat recordings from EVOL

Episode 3> guest speaker Gen Ken Montgomery

Episode 4> electro-acoustic works by Natasha Roberts and Ishigami Kazuya

Episode 5> Lee Gamble exclusive 2009 mega-mix

Episode 7> Human Greed presents a preview of "Fortress Longing"

Episode 9> unreleased work from Michael Esposito + Phantom Airwaves

Episode 12> Bryan Lewis Saunders dreams again

Episode 13> purging 1999-2009 (inter-season special)

Episode 15> new computer overload from Martins Rokis in Latvia

Episode 17> Joseph Nechvatal's Immersive Intelligence

Episode 18> Thomas Bey William Bailey's "Datenschutz"


NOTE: iTunes is the preferred playback software for the above files. Please play back cautiously, as many episodes include fluctuating volume levels or intensely low and high frequencies. Also, be sure to check into the other work of the represented artists, all of whom have been very generous with letting this material be freely distributed here.

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audio interviews

Interviews both conducted by myself, and others interviewing me as a guest.

TBWB interviewed by Christopher Riggs on Wesleyan University "New Books in Music" program (November 2013)

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Progressive Lycanthropy excerpt - this is essentially just a generous audio excerpt from the TBWB "Progressive Lycanthropy" cassette release of Mirror Tapes, with a scan of the cover art as a visual anchor. All the same, it is a nice, representative extract from one of the strongest TBWB releases.


Thomas Bey William Bailey @ dorkbot Chicago 2010.01.28 from joncates on Vimeo.

An occasionally embarrassing, but still generally successful live talk given at Chicago's Dorkbot shortly after the release of the Micro Bionic book. Creation Books decided not to send any copies of the book to this appearance, an unsurprising bit of laziness coming from a publisher that has sunk below my lowest expectations in that regard.

This aside, this is perhaps the only existing video of my winter 2009-2010 "mini tour." Very similar in content to the audio featured on the Resonance FM live talk on the same subject, so you may want to choose between one or the other :) .

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