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"thank you for your interest" gallery

This space will showcase all of the work I have done to date relating to the "Thank You For Your Interest" commissioned audio project. I will try to include at least a sound sample from each piece, as well as photos of finished boxes and other ephemera (please bear with me, I aim to have photos of all the works below in a high resolution eventually). New additions will be posted here in the order that they are finished, sent to patrons, and approved.

Commission for isabel arquero


Title: Emptiness Is The Fasting Of The Mind

Sound sources: Buchla 200 series and Serge modular systems recorded @ EMS Stockholm, fall 2014. Additional environmental samples and digital edits conducted in 2015.

Materials: custom CD box punctured on one side by .40 hollowpoint bullets, covered on other side with gold semi-gloss paper. Printed on shown side with pigment ink and dried with embossing powder.

Box includes two photographic collage prints on matte photo paper, mounted onto architectural paper. Project details are included in a rubber-stamped, square, glassine envelope.

Total running time is 23 minutes.

commission for Cassie Dennis


Title: Eternal Purr

Sound sources: Buchla 200 Series synthesizer (recorded at EMS, Stockholm, autumn 2014.) Alesis Ion synthesizer. Native Instruments soft synths. Human voice and breath. Bells. Processed environmental, mechanical and orchestral samples.

Materials: custom CD box modified with numerous 3/8" drill holes. exterior hand-painted with latex paints. Interior lined with red card stock paper and with multiple inserts consisting of laminated, crushed rose petals.

Includes rubber-stamped envelope containing a personal letter with explanatory text. Total running time is 21 minutes and 29 seconds.


commission for rachael arrighi

rachael box 1

Title: Un Amore di Oggi

Realized during: November 2013 - January 2014

Materials: custom CD box exterior and interior hand-painted with latex paints. Stainless steel sheet affixed to top lid. Rubber-stamped, laminated impression also affixed to top lid. Insert consists of raw colorant dispensed on top of stainless steel plate, mounted on "wavy" textured card stock (similar card stock also lines top inner lid of the box.)

Includes rubber-stamped envelope containing a personal letter with explanatory text.

Sound sources: environmental recordings, tornado siren, manipulated phone + Skype conversation, malfunctioning digital clock radio, software synths + organ, various mechanical processes, human breath.

Total running time is 20 minutes 56 seconds.




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Commission for Ken Montgomery

kenbox 2

Title: Thank You, Thank You

Realized during: March-May 2013

voice recordings were conducted by telephone / Skype within the U.S. and internationally, while location recordings were done in Austin, Tulsa, Okayama City, Osaka, Shin-Matsudo, Murcia, La Manga del Mar Menor, and rural Indiana (exact location forgotten / unknown.) Total running time is 30 minutes 22 seconds. Composed / mixed / edited by me in April 2013.

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